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Hotels in Bulgaria (1062)

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Comments and reviews on hotels in Bulgaria

Visitors on our site can read over 700 real reviews and comments on hotels in Bulgaria. We highly recommend you to visit the reviews section in order to make the best hotel reservation choice. When you return from your trip to Bulgaria, share your experience with us and the other visitors on the site by submitting your own review! Apart from the hotel reviews, on the Discussion board you can find reviews on many towns and resorts in Bulgaria as well. Visitors have written the greatest number of reviews and comments on the following hotels in Bulgaria: the Laguna Garden Hotel in Albena, the Rila Hotel and the Samokov Hotel in Borovets, the Royal Park Hotel in Elenite, the Helios Spa Hotel and the Kempinski Grand Hotel Hermitage in Golden Sands, the Prespa Hotel and the Snejanka Hotel in Pamporovo, the Continental Park Hotel and the Fiesta Beach Hotel in Sunny Beach. Read reviews on: Borovets, Golden Sands, Varna, Sunny Beach, Sozopol, Elenite

Hotel reviews - the real face of every hotel

Even the most comprehensive hotel brochure cannot give you more information on a hotel than a mere list of the hotel facilities and a few pictures. From hotel reviews you can obtain an entirely different view of a hotel as it was seen through the eyes of the guests. The roomsí atmosphere, the staffís attitude, the tiny details in the service and the overall impression a hotel leaves, are valuable information you can find only in hotel reviews. As hotel reviews generally represent the personal view of visitors whose expectations may vary greatly, donít get alarmed if you read contradictory reviews about one and the same hotel. The best you can do is read and compare as many reviews and comments as possible before you make your hotel choice.

Share your impressions from Bulgaria - write your own review!

When you return from Bulgaria, spare a few minutes to write your impressions on the hotel you have visited by submitting your own review! You can be sure that many visitors on this site will find your review helpful in their hotel choice. Apart from the review, donít forget to rate the hotelís rooms, service, food and entertainment by clicking on the stars to the right of the review form!
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